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Running    through    time

Research and Development enterprise Skif-Analit LLC was established in 1994

Key activities of the company:
- design and construction of storage and supply facilities for oil products (fuel filling stations, tank farms, airport bulk fuel installations);
- development, design, installation and maintenance of SCADA monitoring, control and reporting systems;
- development, production and repair of devices and equipment for quantity and quality control of oil products;
- design of street/park/office/sports facilities lighting;
- execution of design and approval documentation for commissioning facilities;
- development and production of various types of lighting (street, office, sport etc.);
- development and production of special lighting (IP 67, explosion-proof, security, etc.);
- supply, installation, maintenance and repair of lights and lighting systems;
- supply of measuring and process equipment for filling stations and fuel storage terminals;
- production and supply of refueling equipment for aircraft, water and rail transport