Indoor lighting

Lighting of public spaces in apartment buildings (with energy savings up to 90% by using motion sensors). Lighting of building surrounding grounds, parking lots (open and covered), office and warehouse premises, as well as shopping floor space. Assistance in preparation and execution of documents for obtaining compensation from condominium association and housing cooperative under the state program "Warm loan"

Floodlight and industrial lighting

Airport tower lighting, lighting of open areas, industrial zones, sports and concert grounds, stadiums (including design and delivery of load-bearing and support structures). Explosion- and fire-proof lighting of bulk fuel installations, mines, factory workshops. IP67 lighting with increased protection of casting for premises with a high degree of dust and humidity

Street lighting

LED-lighting with capacity from 20 up to 200 W for streets, traffic intersections, highways, crosswalks, inner driveways and yards. The lights are characterized by increased service life (up to 100th. hours) and high luminous efficiency (120-160 Lm/W).

With intelligent control for maximum resource saving, energy consumption is reduced by 70-90%   

Intelligent control

City lighting intelligent control makes it possible to create scenarios by lowering lighting when switching to a saving mode (by 30-70%), e.g. at night or increasing lighting (up to 120%) when necessary for various activities. Control is possible both from a single control center and in a fully automatic mode according to the selected scenario, taking into account seasonality

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