SCADA-systems of automated control are implemented on the basis of products such as Trace Mode, Zenon and similar products.
SCADA system is designed to control and control in real time the progress of technological processes.
The complex of automation programs in the SCADA system solves the tasks of information support for the work of the dispatcher on the operational management of production, accounting and management of product movements in warehouses, in particular in oil product warehouses. Also, with the help of the SCADA system, technological data is collected and prepared for submission to other accounting systems, such as workflow programs or accounting programs

Electronic document management

A set of workflow automation programs works in conjunction with the SCADA system and solves the tasks of information support for managing the work of dispatchers on the operational movement of products; accounting for book product residues in tanks with the possibility of reconciling them with actual residues obtained by SCADA measurements; descriptions of the topology of pipelines and oil product storages.
The purpose of the implementation of this complex is to increase the reliability, efficiency of accounting and automatic creation of documents. The workflow program is built taking into account the regulatory and technical and reference documents used in this process

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